How Google Ads Can Boost Your Home Services Company

Paid search (PPC) is a marketing strategy that can provide immediate results for your business. The statistics show that close to 90% of people use search engines to find a local business. Using Google Adwords means that your home services company can be found on the top spot of Google’s results. Discuss the opportunities with one of our Adwords experts. We’ll explain how you can get more leads for your home services business and what are the next possible steps.

This Is How Our PPC Strategy Works

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword research is the anchor of your PPC campaign. We’ll determine the negative and positive keywords that need to be used for maximum results. Our in-depth knowledge of the home services industry and market-leading tools allow us to conduct fruitful research.

Improved Audience Targeting

Digital campaigns require precise targeting. This ensures the best return potential for your advertising dollars. We’ll use our industry knowledge and interviews with you to establish a highly-targeted PPC campaign. All of your home services Google Adwords ads will reach the right people.

Efficient A/B Testing

Creating the ads is an important step indeed, but it’s just the beginning. A/B testing enables us to get the most out of your campaign. The process entails constant testing and comparison to see which ad copy performs the best. We’ll tweak the ad copy according to the results so that you can enjoy improved ROI.

Bespoke Landing Pages

When someone clicks on your ad on Google, they will be taken to a custom landing page. These pages are designed to maximize the conversion of visitors into hot leads for your home services company. The landing page is continuously A/B tested to find the design and copy that converts the most visitors into potential customers.

Top-Class Remarketing Campaigns

We want to ensure the best conversion rate for your PPC campaign. One of the approaches is the use of remarketing. Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert into paying customers. When your remarketing audience is large enough, we’ll launch additional ads to catch the promising leads.

Detailed Monthly Reports

Conversion tracking means that we’ll show how digital metrics directly relate to the financial growth of your home services company. The monthly reports showcase the most important developments in this area. For instance, we’ll track contact form submissions, click-to-call actions, subscriptions, and anything else relevant to the performance of your PPC campaign.

How We Deliver Our Work

Step 1

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis for a results-driven Google Adwords campaign. We have a team of experts who will identify the proper keywords for your PPC marketing plan. Your campaign will be equipped with the necessary list of positive and negative keywords. Both types are needed for top results.

Step 2

Stellar Landing Page Design

Every PPC campaign comes with a unique landing page that is designed to match your home services business. The design elements and copy will reflect your unique selling points and the targeted market. The work on the landing page is only carried out after we have learned in-depth about your company.

Step 3

Campaign Launches

After we have finished our comprehensive keyword research efforts and designed the landing page, it’s time to launch your campaign. The chosen copy mirrors the wants and needs of your audience. The campaign setup includes location targeting, bidding strategies, and a list of positive and negative keywords.

Step 4

Thorough A/B Testing

Data analysis lies at the heart of an efficient PPC campaign. Your ads are going to have numerous versions. We’ll run these ad variants against each other to see which ones are the top performers. Your high-performing ads will teach us what works the best in your specific market.

Step 5

Efficiency Improvements

As more time passes, we’ll get a clear picture which ads and targeting measures are bringing in the most leads for your company. Your campaign will get more cost-efficient as we move forward. That’s because we harness the full power of data collection and analysis.

FAQ about PPC Campaigns for Home Services Companies