Increase visibility and get more business for your home services business with search engine optimization

Getting noticed online is important for any business, especially for home services. And in order to be noticed online, you need to optimize your home services website for search engines. If you own a home services business, you should consider SEO as an opportunity to grow your company in the long term.

We’ll focus on getting your home services company in front of people when they are searching for solutions in times of need. The goal here is simple: gaining a prominent position in as many Google searches as possible. That aim leads to more customers and the positioning of your home services company as an authority.

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How does your home services company benefit from SEO exactly?

Enhanced User Experience

An efficient SEO strategy is linked to making your site’s user experience better. You want your visitors to quickly find things they care about. Improved navigation and clear structure ensure more frequent interactions and bookings.

Prime Cost-Efficiency

In the long-term, SEO is a cost-efficient solution of outstanding proportions. As opposed to paid ads, you don’t have to constantly put in money. You’ll enjoy a steady influx of new customers with a one-time full SEO setup and affordable ongoing maintenance.

Boost in Traffic

More traffic means more potential customers. Many search engine users skip paid ads. They head straight to the organic results. SEO focuses on that part of the search results by increasing the organic traffic reaching your site.

Raised Value

If you would like to sell your home services business one day, a website that actively attracts new customers is an important asset in a digitalized world. The value of your home services company is higher when your site has a solid SEO strategy.

Better Brand Exposure

People are not going to click on your site every time you show up on search engines. But impressions matter too. When you rank highly on search engines, people are going to be more aware of your brand. This constant exposure grows trust and pushes people closer to booking.

Becoming an Industry Leader

SEO connects people who have a problem with individuals or companies that provide a solution. When your result shows up on top as a potential answer to peoples’ needs, you’ll be positioned as an industry-leading expert.

How We Deliver Our Work

First Step

Researching Keywords & Analyzing

Keyword research forms the basis of SEO success. All the other methods won’t match up to the power of finding the right phrases. The use of long-tail keywords is essential. Close to ¾ of all web searches are done with long-tail keywords. Your home services site needs to be optimized for those longer phrases.

Second Step

Optimizing the Site

Google has published Webmaster Guidelines. This manual explains the best practices for making your site search engine friendly. We’ll do a complete audit of your site. Then we’ll fix everything that isn’t in compliance with the current technical SEO standards.

Third Step

Evaluating the Site Quality

We know how Google evaluates your site’s content. We’ll use the same principles to see whether the content on your home services website matches up to the expectation. Any detected issues will be promptly fixed. You’ll have fully optimized content on your company’s website afterward.

Fourth Step

Creating Top-Grade Content

Content creation is a crucial aspect of SEO campaign success. Based on our keyword research finds, we’ll write high-quality content that drives Google traffic to your website. Having that content on your page is another step towards becoming a lead magnet and authority site in your industry.

Fifth Step

Building Backlinks

Backlink building is an integral part of any SEO strategy. We’ll reach out to relevant websites in the home services industry. The provided backlinks form an important indicator for Google. These links morph into a cluster of references that show your business gets recognized by other players in the field.

Sixth Step

Providing Reports & Further Analysis

You’ll receive comprehensive reports every month regarding your SEO progress. We’ll cover SERP visibility, organic traffic metrics, keyword rankings, and a full list of conducted work. Our SEO campaigns are always fully transparent. As a home services business owner, you’ll have a detailed overview of what we are doing.

FAQ about SEO Campaigns for Home Services Companies