Increase the Customer Base with a Top-Grade Website

Did you know that over 85% of consumers look up a local business online? Your website may be more crucial to acquiring customers than you think. Whenever someone learns about your home services company, they are more than likely to try and find it online. Just a website isn’t enough as your competitors have their online presence too. You need to differentiate your site from the competition in your city. Ensure that your website’s quality surpasses that of your competitors.

Why You Should Opt for Our Websites

Designed for Peak Conversion

We have extensive experience in testing the websites for home services companies. As a result, we can design your site in a way that maximizes lead conversion. Our websites are straightforward and accessible. Those searching for home services will quickly be able to find everything they need.

Fully Optimized for Google

Your site is going to be fully optimized for Google and other search engines. We are the experts in SEO for home services businesses. We have the necessary skills and experience to create websites that have the potential to get high rankings on search engine results.

Quick & Easy Updates

You won’t have to worry about updating information on your new website. We use simple content management systems (CMS) that won’t require technical know-how to manage on a regular basis. As a home services company, you won’t have to know code in order to update the site. We know you are busy, and we keep things as simple as possible for you.

Integrated Chat Function

One of the top methods for increasing conversions is the addition of a live chat function. Most customers prefer live chat online instead of making an actual phone call to the company. We create home services websites that will have complete compatibility with all the latest chat software.

How We Design Your Home Services Website

Step 1

Understanding the Basics of Your Business

The first phase of our website design covers the process of understanding your business. Our goal is to have a complete overview of how you operate. This information will help us create the best website for your company’s needs. We’ll ask you a series of questions to recognize the business and operations model of your home services company.

Step 2

Creating the Necessary Website Content

High-quality content is the key to unlocking the full potential of your site. We’ll focus on creating and uploading relevant images and copy on your home services website. We know that you are busy running your business, which is why our team of excellent copywriters will take care of your writing needs.

Step 3

Designing Site Architecture & Wireframes

Before going any further, we’ll design the outline of your future website. You’ll be able to see exactly what the layout of your site will look like. This process is accompanied by the development of proper navigation. We’ll etch out a sitemap that shows the relationship of your site’s various components to each other. All of these efforts ensure that the final website will have easy navigation.

Step 4

Developing the Visual Look

The blueprint creation is just the beginning of our design work. The next step involves working on the visual design. It’s crucial that your website reflects your company's visual language used offline. The different parts of your home services brand should have a streamlined look. Your online presence and offline brand will form a single brand communication that will build trust.

Step 5

Coding the Website

The blueprint and design choices lead to the next task. Now it’s time for our developers to start coding. They will create a site that will match all the specifications that we agreed on in the earlier stages. These experienced developers will test the site before it goes public. We’ll make sure that there are no bugs and design flaws.

Step 6

Launching Your New Site

Now the developing and testing is finalized. After we have received your final approval, it’s time for the big unveiling. However, we’ll go over your old site (if applicable) and put 301 Redirects in place. We do this to keep your position in search engines if you are already indexing or ranking for keywords. And then it’s time to launch the new site so that everyone can start using it!

FAQ about Home Services Website Development